15 Skinny Dipping Horror Stories That'll Make You Glad To Be Dry

1. Two in the pink:

"I went skinny-dipping in Lake Michigan at a summer camp before my senior year of high school. It was late, we were all fired up on hormones, and the lake was strictly forbidden, so of course I was the first one to strip off my clothes and dive in. It wasn’t until two days later, after waking up with double pink eye AND the flu, that I saw a news story about that portion of the lake being contaminated."

6. Boatloads of fun:

"Me and my friends were being brave and skinny-dipping in the middle of the day (oh, to be foolish and young). The lake is right across from a popular wedding venue and we weren’t surprised when a pair of newlyweds started taking pictures somewhat near us. However, to our horror, they got into a canoe rowed past us on the way to the reception. The six of us had to crouch so that we were covered from the neck down while the new couple chatted with us about love before paddling off."

7. Soup to nuts:

"I was skinny-dipping with my boyfriend in his backyard pool in high school. The people next door were having a huge family party and when they saw this strange naked man standing on a diving board, they figured they would throw things at him to get him off. Just as he was about to jump, this little boy threw this enormous platter of baklava at him. He got so scared he fell backwards and hit his nuts on the board. The glass from the platter was nearly impossible to clean up after, and I will never forget scrubbing the honey from the baklava off the diving board like a madman before his parents got back home."
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8. U jelly?

"When I was 13, me and my friends decided to go skinny dipping. The water looked a bit sketchy, but we were super pumped up. I decided to jump in first so that no one would see me naked. I jumped into a school of jellyfish it hurt like hell! and I had to get out of water in front of everyone. I had been stung so bad that I had an allergic reaction. Still to this day I have scars on the left side of my body and my hands."

12. Flashed:

"One New Year’s Eve, two of my friends and I decided we were gonna go down to the beach for a skinny-dip at midnight. We got down there and stripped down to our birthday suits, when this man and woman walked up to us with a camera. They explained that they have a lifestyle blog, and they’d like to take pictures of us for it. We basically said, we’re going in the water if you want to take pictures of us going then nothing’s stopping you. When we got out, the pair said they could send us the pictures if we emailed them. My friend took the card and did just that. Never got a response back."

13. Family affair:

"My parents have a pool and they always told me that I can come use it whenever I wanted. They were out of town for the weekend and it was my birthday so my husband and I decided to do something we wouldn’t normally do and go skinny-dipping. Things escalated pretty quickly and got a bit steamy. The next morning my mom texts me to tell me that they had put in security cameras around the house and she got a notification that there was some movement while they were away so she opened the app and saw us in the pool. She claims that she closed the app as soon as she realized that it was her daughter in the pool and not someone breaking in, but let’s just say her and my dad have me and my husbands’ sex tape recorded forever."

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