A plaque or stela

A plaque or stela from the transitional period of his master called (Penny Ankh Ness) is located in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, where he wrote in ancient Egyptian.

Heba gives it to the king of the idol of the goddess of the city of Jiddo and the idol of Anubis of the offerings to the decorated king, the sole priest of the idol of the venerable Hathor (Baba Ankh Nes)
A thousand of bread, beer, bulls, birds and thousands of everything is ok

Acoustics: -

Hatem Nisout and Sir Nabou Anbou Bert Khairou
I forgot and forgot the heat of the Hattour Netter (Babi Ankh Ness)
Khabo Khabidu Khair Nabat Nafar
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